Why do you participate in a conference? The answer can be chosen from a multitude of options. Education is a clear front runner behind many individuals' conference participation. Gaining new information, having access to leaders in the field and absorbing new approaches and ideas from other participants are key to any successful conference. What sweetens the deal, though, at NACBH conferences? The proof is in your participation!

The true value of NACBH conferences is what you are able to bring back with you. There is no greater proponent for and example of this success than Michele Madley, Chief Executive Officer of Gibault Children’s Services in Terre Haute, Indiana. Even though Indiana’s Department of Child Services was not yet instituting Value-Based Purchasing (VBP), she knew this was something she needed to get ahead of so she attended the 2017 NACBH Conference focused on that very topic. After hearing from excellent speakers on issues like developing data-based approaches to treatment funding, readying your staff and systems for this new way of doing business and how different states approach VBP, Michele returned to the State of Indiana equipped with the tools, resources and connections she needed. Not only did her participation in the NACBH conference that year help her own facility prepare for VBP, but she also supported peers throughout the state by sharing her expertise within state contacts and associations. See why Michele and her mission-driven peers from all over the country find more value in the content, community and knowledge shared at NACBH conferences than any other organization in which they are involved.