Membership that Makes an Impact 

NACBH offers six membership classes. Eligibility is dependent upon the type of work an organization provides and its accreditation status. Membership classes include (a) Board Eligible, (b) Associate, (c) Multi-Facility System, (d) Corresponding Organization, (e) Corresponding Individual, and (f) Honorary. Members qualifying under Classes (a)-(c) above are Voting Members. To learn more about the various membership categories and their requirements, click here.

Applying for Membership 

You can apply for membership online using the application form. Follow the steps outlined below to apply:  

  1. Determine your membership category 

  1. If necessary, compile all required documents  

Note: Voting members will need to be prepared with licensing and accreditation documents and will be asked to identify annual revenues in order to calculate annual dues. Click here for an overview of voting member dues rates for 2023. 

  1. Complete the online membership application form. 

There are no deadlines to apply for membership. Applications are reviewed and processed on an ongoing basis.