Get Involved: NACBH Committees and Affinity Groups

At NACBH, we believe that active engagement is key to maximizing the value of your membership. By participating in a committee or affinity group, you have the opportunity to collaborate with fellow members, share expertise, and contribute to the ongoing success of our organization and the field. 


The Program Committee curates the programming for NACBH's annual Emerging Best Practices Conference, which draws attendees from across the nation for three days of learning and focused dialogue around the emerging issues most impacting children's behavioral health executives. Members of this committee work together to identify relevant topics, secure expert speakers, and ensure that our programs meet the high standards and needs of our diverse membership. This committee meets as needed to secure cutting edge presentations and presenters. 

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Affinity Groups

Our affinity groups are a vital component of the NACBH community, offering a structured yet flexible environment for members to engage deeply with topics that matter most to them. Designed to foster specialized communities within our broader membership, these groups provide a focused platform for members to engage with peers who share similar professional interests and challenges. Meeting monthly, quarterly, or as needed, affinity groups offer regular opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and support.

Our TRICARE Affinity Group provides a platform for members to discuss and address issues related to TRICARE, the healthcare program serving uniformed service members and their families. This group meets throughout the year to share updates, challenges, and strategies to navigate the complexities of TRICARE, fostering a supportive community for those working within this system. Meetings are currently scheduled for the second Thursday of each month at 3:00 pm ET. 

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Starting an Affinity Group

If you have a passion for a specific area within children's behavioral health and believe there is a need for a new affinity group, we encourage you to express your interest in starting one. At NACBH, we are always looking for ways to better serve our members and address emerging topics and challenges. To propose a new affinity group, please reach out to [email protected] with a brief description of your idea, including the group’s focus, potential member interest, and the value it would bring to the community. Our team will work with you to evaluate the proposal and, if approved, provide support in establishing and promoting the new group.