“It helps me in knowing that there’s a whole community out there of people that are mission oriented, trying to do the right thing for kids, and are plugging at it, day-in and day-out, dealing with a myriad of issues just like we are at our agency.”
– Tricia Delano, CEO, Jackson-Feild Behavioral Health Services

NACBH members share a commitment to creating responsive systems of care for children and families dealing with emotional and behavioral disturbances. They are multi-service agencies with roots in the mental health, child welfare, education, and juvenile justice systems.

By becoming a member of NACBH, your voice will help impact future national trends, legislation, and issues that affect caring for children.


Besides the invaluable resource of a collegial peer network, NACBH provides members ongoing educational resources, annual conferences, and public policy advocacy.
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Board of Directors:

NACBH board members currently include agency CEOs and other dedicated leaders in the field of children's behavioral health.
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Membership Application:

Joining NACBH is now easier than ever with our online application. Simply provide your email address to set up an account and you're on your way! Click here for an overview of voting member dues rates for 2020. 
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Member Directory:

Our members are visionary leaders in children’s behavioral health. They are mission-oriented, located across the United States, and dedicated to the mission of helping children.
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