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NACBH works to improve the availability and delivery of children’s behavioral health services across public systems created to meet their needs and private health coverage under federal parity law.

By advocating in Washington and supporting NACBH members’ local efforts, policy solutions are advanced to make child health, welfare, education, and juvenile justice programs more responsive to children and families who are dealing with behavioral health challenges.

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“I love getting together at these meetings because there are so many inspiring people, and some of it’s the leadership of NACBH and board members, some of it is people you’ve just never met before.  It’s the most important organization I belong to, and I’ve been around a long time.”

– Gail Atkinson, Vice President, Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health

NACBH members receive the bi-monthly NACBH News with a variety of content that keeps them connected with the current national policy debates and with their colleagues across the country.


  • Summaries of federal legislative and regulatory developments
  • Updates on emerging trends in service delivery and reimbursement
  • “News You Can Use” from around the behavioral health world
  • NACBH committee and organizational updates
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