Advocacy and Public Policy

What We Do

From a child-focused and family-centered perspective, NACBH leverages connections and resources in Washington to inform policy as it is being made. NACBH understands how Congress works and how to provide the right information at the right time to key committees and offices. 

 How We Contribute

  • As a respected industry leader, NACBH participates in early and ongoing policy discussions, whether responding to specific legislative proposals or educating representatives and staff about broader system issues.  
  • Actively involved in regulatory surveillance and advocacy, NACBH tracks developments at a number of federal agencies to make sure that laws are implemented sensibly and with the greatest value for the intended beneficiaries.  
  • NACBH is known for our substantive comments on proposed regulations as well as a strong, continuous feedback loop with key federal officials. 
  • As a distinct, credible voice and in strategic coalitions with colleague organizations, NACBH delivers the facts, context and recommendations needed to improve behavioral health services for children and families. 

NACBH Priorities

  • Federal Medicaid developments 
  • Medicaid Institutions for Mental Diseases (IMD) exclusion 
  • TRICARE behavioral health and other pediatric benefits 
  • Mental health parity 

Updates From Washington

  • NACBH members receive timely updates twice a month on current and potential legislation affecting children’s behavioral health providers across key priority areas impacting their operations and services. 

  • Held once annually, the NACBH Public Policy Conference brings children’s behavioral health professionals together in Washington to discuss and advance critical policy and regulatory developments on a national level. 

NACBH Resources Library

"At the end of that meeting is when I realized that NACBH not only helped my organization, but helped the state prepare for something that was heading in our direction as well."
- Michele Madley, Chief Executive Officer, Gibault Children's Services