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Our goal: to advance the availability and delivery of services for children with emotional or behavioral disturbances and their families. For three decades, the National Association for Children's Behavioral Health (NACBH) has generated an organized, passionate and commanding force for change. We believe that when you bring dedicated minds together to work towards a single goal, anything can be achieved. And the members of NACBH demonstrate this every day.

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NACBH members are multi-service treatment agencies providing services in a variety of settings including mental health and substance use treatment, child and family services, educational programs and juvenile justice programs. They are committed to creating responsive systems of care and hope that make a difference in so many lives. And it is our purpose to provide the leadership to make these efforts a success.

We can navigate the political system, leverage our knowledge and our connections to take quick, decisive action. So when NACBH speaks for you, elected officials and policymakers listen. We invite you to become part of NACBH and benefit from our powerful, credible voice in Washington, DC.

Patricia Johnston
Executive Director, NACBH

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Next Gen Health Care:
Integrating Children’s Behavioral Health
in 2017 and Beyond

June 14-15, 2017
Baltimore, Maryland

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Patricia Johnston, Executive Director
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