NACBH Strategic Plan: Sustainability Goal Statement

“There is no stability without solidarity and no solidarity without stability.” – Jose Manuel Barroso 
Sustainability for the National Association for Children’s Behavioral Health has meant a strong dedication to the core values and purpose for over 30 years.
While there are a lot of things one “could” do to advance the field of children’s behavioral health, NACBH has remained laser-focused on advocating for the policies, procedures, and systems which best allow behavioral health service providers to meet the needs of youth and children in most need. 
With the introduction of this strategic plan, it’s remarkable how much opportunity there is to embrace change and the evolution of our systems of care, while maintaining this focus. One thing that it will take to reach our strategic goals? Solidarity. Each NACBH member, partner, and stakeholder brings unique experiences, program offerings, and challenges to the table, but each also comes bringing a fervent passion for service. In the midst of change, it can be tempting to cling to our own unique needs and issues. Solidarity will never mean that NACBH expects members to check those things at the door, simply that by focusing on what we all share and what we can accomplish in this amazing community, we can maintain a healthy, strong, organization that continues to advance children’s behavioral health for another 30 years and beyond.  
The tactics to achieve organizational sustainability for NACBH may not be the ones nearest and dearest to our hearts – they tend to be more functional and practical. But, without providing an ongoing, stable, and transparent foundation for NACBH, the organization can’t be sustained. Allowing our passion for service to drive creativity and innovation in these initiatives can bring all NACBH members together in an even stronger, more stable community than ever before. So, whether it’s identifying new opportunities for NACBH services, partnering with more organizations interested in contributing to our mission, or monitoring fiscal status – each NACBH member and stakeholder can be confident knowing that the contributions you make are providing that firm foundation which will ensure NACBH remains stable and sustainable. Maintaining our solidarity of purpose will always be at the forefront, join the strategic planning initiative today to channel your dedication to our purpose through these new opportunities!